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Online Therapy Questions

During the pandemic we've all had to make adjustments. Some people have been surprised to find that online therapy is preferable to traditional in-person therapy. In order to participate in online therapy:

  • you must have a space that is totally private, and where you can speak freely

  • you will need a good internet connection and a computer with a camera or a smart phone/tablet

  • you may also prefer to increase your privacy by using headphones

  • for clients struggling with suicidal thoughts, it’s extremely important that we set up a safety plan for online sessions

Online sessions don’t work for everyone. They can be more effective if we have met in person and established a rapport. Prices are the same in person as online.


I take your online privacy very seriously. I contract with Microsoft Teams and Psychology Today's online counselling interface since they are both more secure than other online services. There are some simple, effective measures you can take to enhance security and privacy:

  • Use your own device if possible

  • Don’t leave your computer out and open to others

  • Don't use public wifi (for example a library or coffee shop)

  • Protect your password

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